WED Fellows: Cosima Gretton
WED Team | Oct 8, 2014
Topic category: Success Stories

Cosima Gretton launched "AXNS" in 2013 - "a curatorial collective of young curators, scientists and art historians with an interest in the intersection between science and art. We curate exhibitions, events and workshops engaging the public with cutting edge research in neuroscience."

Their first project, Affecting Perception: Art & Neuroscience "featured the works of 10 international artists who suffered from different neurological conditions, and had each found their work had been affected. It was an exploration of the neural basis of how we see, paint, and draw and what we can learn when something goes wrong."

Cosima is the Science Curator for AXNS, has a degree from the University of Oxford in Experimental Psychology, and will gradate from Kings College London with her medical degree. She has done research on the effects of music on alleviating symptoms from Parkinson's disease, and in addition to a long list of interesting and meaningful projects, she spent a year working with health-tech start-ups in London, and attended Singularity University in Silicon Valley, where she founded an early stage cancer diagnostics company.

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