Speaking: Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners
WED Team | Oct 8, 2014
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Lynn Tilton is CEO of Patriach Partners which manages 75 companies whose revenues in the aggregate top $8 billion. She has a passion for creating jobs, and has inspired many women given her unusual journey from young tennis star and poet and holding the number one job at one of the most successful private equity firms in the world.

A feature article in the Wall Street Journal said, "While some estimates put Tilton's net worth at around $830 million, the 55-year-old says the actual total is more than $1 billion."

"My wealth is really unimportant in terms of what I do," she added in the same article.

In 2013, she committed $5 million to XPrize—which runs innovative competitions—to fund an extra award for teams that are at least 50 percent female. "Men are better served by having women by their side."

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