Breakthrough: Elizabeth Holmes
Nina Nandi , Editor | Oct 10, 2014
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19 years old, a Stanford dropout, and poised to start a $9 billion company. That was the situation for Elizabeth Holmes in 2003. She was a chemical engineering student at Stanford when she created her own company, Theranos. The company creates innovative technology to help improve medical diagnostics. The initial product was a wearable patch that could function as a drug delivery mechanism in addition to monitoring variables in the patient’s blood, and then radio all that information back to a physician. Holmes dropped out of Stanford to pursue creating this company because she knew that more than the degree, she wanted to revolutionize technology and help humanity across all walks of life. Now 30, Holmes has created a company that in addition to running billions of tests a year and providing crucial medical information to doctors, is in the pursuit of constantly improving health care access and ensuring a healthier population.

Holmes’ leadership has fueled Theranos beyond anything else. She has been compared to Steve Jobs, as a visionary leader with immense determination. She focuses on the mission of the company and the humanitarian goals of the projects over the financial gains of the products. Her passion for helping others and her drive to succeed have allowed the company to flourish, and they will continue to create innovation and prosperity at Thanos.

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